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Provident Lending is an award-winning independent mortgage company consistently in the top 10% in the nation. Located in Colorado Springs, the company is run by Steve Haney, an expert in the field of mortgage lending. That’s why they call him the Mortgage Doctor. If you are buying a home, lowering your monthly payments or consolidating your debts, he is the go-to guy in our community.

Steve is also a regular guest speaker and radio host on several local radio stations and is endorsed by the Consumer Advocate. A lot of people think that Steve is just in the business of loaning money, but he doesn’t see it that way. He is helping his clients to create the largest single debt that most of them will ever have in their lives (a mortgage). He feels both a professional and moral obligation to help them manage that debt to fit into their short and long term investment goals. As a result, he takes a financial-planning approach to the mortgage business.

While he is an expert on all types of loans, his passion is for the new Reverse Mortgage, because of what it can do to help seniors and their families. Because of his expertise in this unique area of banking, he is the one that many banks refer their reverse mortgage clients to in Colorado. He is recognized as an expert, and is sought after by financial planners and seniors from all over the country to help resolve their problems.

The Mortgage Doctor



The Mortgage Doctor website is all about traditional loans. Click here to go to The Mortgage Doctor website, where Steve has all the latest information about getting a mortgage loan in Colorado.

Reverse Mortgage Institute



The Reverse Mortgage Institute is the website to go to if you are thinking about a reverse mortgage in Colorado. All the information you could ever need is there. Click here for everything reverse mortgage.

Our Team

Steve Haney

Steve Haney, The Mortgage Doctor, President of Provident Lending in Colorado Springs.

NMLS#: 229020
Office: (719) 266-5500
Cell: (719) 216-3644


Herman Combs

Herman Combs is a Sr. Mortgage Planner at Provident Lending in Colorado Springs

Sr. Mortgage Planner
NMLS#: 1505506
Office: (719) 266-5500
Cell: (719) 200-4920


Kathleen Weatherbee

Kathleen Weatherbee is a Sr. Mortgage Planner at Provident Lending in Colorado Springs

Sr. Mortgage Planner
NMLS#: 204368
Office: (719) 266-5500
Cell: (719) 330-9016


Ashlie Simpson

Ashlie Simpson is a mortgage planner at Provident Lending in Colorado Springs

Mortgage Planner
NMLS#: 229020
Office: (719) 266-5500
Cell: (720) 503-6990


Tauna Robertson


Administrative Assistant

(719) 266-5500


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